UK could earn extra £4bn from music heritage tourism - report

The Beatles

The UK could earn an extra £4bn every year in music heritage tourism, according to a recent report from UK Music.

Titled Imagine, the study's findings take the example of Liverpool, where the heritage of The Beatles attracts millions of music tourists every year and generates £70 million for Liverpool’s local economy.

Other cities named include Hull, which will become the City of Culture in 2017 and boasts the only museum dedicated to night clubbing as well as being home to David Bowie’s backing band, the Spiders from Mars. 

In 2013 its Museum of Club Culture hosted a temporary exhibition celebrating David Bowie’s stage-persona Ziggy, drawing 30,000 visitors to the city.

Coventry’s Music Museum recently welcomed its 1,000th paying visitor who travel to Coventry for its music heritage from Japan, Australia, Malaysia and the USA. And in Sheffield, Uncommon People is an online guide to home-grown bands, artists and musicians, such as Jarvis Cocker and the Arctic Monkeys.

Jo Dipple, UK Music CEO, said: “Music tourism is big business, with millions of pounds spent getting closer to the music we love. Our recommendations in Imagine are designed to help local and central Government provide a framework for a vibrant music destination economy. We want to inspire local authorities to make the most of the music heritage on their doorstep.

“Liverpool has harnessed the potential of its musical heroes and is seeing huge economic and cultural benefits. But the story shouldn’t end there. Cities across the UK have strong music histories and could create a new economy by exploiting their own music heritage.”

Ed Vaizey, Creative Industries Minister said: “The huge financial contribution to the UK economy by the millions of music tourists to the UK annually makes it very clear that when combined, the music and tourism industries are powerful drivers for growth.”


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