BPI threatens Pirate Party with legal action

Tom Pakinkis

The BPI has threatened the UK Pirate Party with legal action over a proxy website providing access to infamous file-sharing website The Pirate Bay. 

The music industry association attempted to resolve the matter amicably at the end of last month in a letter to the party’s leader Laurence Kaye, asking for the proxy site and Pirate Bay support to be terminated.

Kaye refused the request and said that his party was ready to defend itself from “significant threat”.

"Not just for the sake of the Pirate Party, but because of the principles at stake,” he said in a statement.

"I have always believed that it is not just enough to have principles, you need to act on them too, even if it gets difficult."

The BPI has said that Kaye’s response reinforced its concern that he and his National Executive Committee “are determined to continue providing [their] proxy until compelled to stop.”

In a response to Kaye, the BPI said, “It seems court proceedings against you and members of your National Executive Committee are going to be necessary [to stop PPUK providing the proxy to The Pirate Bay].

In a statement, BPI CEO Geoff Taylor said, “The Pirate Party have responded to our request to remove their proxy. Despite our efforts to resolve the matter amicably, it is clear that the Pirate Party are determined to continue providing access to the illegal Pirate Bay site. Our solicitors will now be formally writing to the members of the Pirate Party’s National Executive Committee.” 


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