Coldplay most popular act of last decade on Last.fm

Tom Pakinkis
10 years of scrobbling

Last.fm is celebrating a decade of scrobbling with a data haul encompassing the last decade of music – and Coldplay have come out winners. 

The band has been crowned as the most popular act on the platform over the last 10 years while Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was the most popular track. 

British music dominated both artists and tracks of the last decade, with half of the Top 10 Best Artists of the Decade hailing from the UK. 

Along with Coldplay, three other British acts – The Beatles, Radiohead and Muse - dominate the top spots on the list and seven of the Top 10 tracks are performed by British artists including Oasis, Kings of Leon and Muse.

Despite the strong British presence on the list, Lady Gaga is the only solo artist to appear in the Top 10 Artists and Top 10 Songs list from the past decade.  

Also of note, Pulp’s reunion in 2010 caused the biggest spike in scrobbles beating the likes of the Spice Girls, Led Zeppelin and The Police. Music fans went wild with excitement at the band’s reunion after 15 years apart.   

“We are really excited to be releasing such rich data about the last 10 years of music,” said director of Product at Last.fm Steve Whilton. “We have been able to provide a unique and vivid insight into 10 years of music listening, with our listening history captured from over 600 music platforms and hardware devices across the world. Some of the highlights include the most listened to artists, the top loved tracks and the most deleted ‘guilty pleasures’ of the last decade.” 

Facts on the Last 10 Years of Music Data 

Top 10 Most Popular Tracks

Top 10 Most Popular Artists

1.       Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

1.      Coldplay

2.       Wonderwall - Oasis

2.      Radiohead

3.       Mr Brightside – The Killers

3.      Red hot Chilli Peppers

4.       Come As You Are - Nirvana

4.      The Killers

5.       Clocks - Coldplay

5.      Rihanna

6.       Somebody Told Me – The Killers

6.      Eminem

7.       Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand

7.      Nirvana

8.       Karma Polics - Radiohead

8.      Kanye West

9.       Viva La Vida - Coldplay

9.      Muse

10.    Yellow - Coldplay

10.    Foo Fighters

Most Loved Track

·         Lil' Wayne—Lollipop

Most Skipped Track

·         The Postal Service—Such Great Heights

Most Banned Track

·         Lil' Wayne—Lollipop

Top Guilty Pleasure

·         Lady Gaga—Poker Face

For the full interactive 10 Years of Scrobbling timeline, visit: www.last.fm/10years


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