Piracy takedown notices to Google up 711% in 4 years - report


DMCA takedown notices received by Google has reportedly increased by 711,887% in four years.

The numbers come from a new paper published in the Virginia Journal of Law and Technology. They are said to be a result of increased efforts by copyright holders and industry groups to report cases of copyright infringement.

According to the paper, the number of DMCA notices processed by Google was 62 in 2008 and 441,370 in 2012.

Key changes the findings reveal that the average number of URLs in each notice is increasing, and that claims for dozens of movies or tracks are often included in a single notice.

The music industry is the most active, claiming 59% of the notices, while adult entertainment companies make up 20% and the movie industry counts for 10%.

Source: TorrentFreak


Tags: Google, Piracy, DMCA

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