Google streaming could provide 'biggest route to legal music consumption'

Tom Pakinkis

A Google streaming service could provide the music industry with ‘the biggest funnel it can have’ in terms of migrating internet users to legal consumption.

That’s according to Universal Music’s global head of Digital Francis Keeling who said at the IFPI’s Digital Music Report briefing yesterday, that the massive user base already present across Google’s search engine and YouTube video platform equaled a great opportunity for the industry.

“We talk about subscription and the need to have a funnel,” he said “With the likes of Spotify and Deezer and Rdio and other subscription services, we work with them to give consumers a free experience because we know that we need to change behaviour. By giving a free experience to legal services we can change behaviour and then encourage consumers to subscribe.

“Google, with its hundreds of millions of users through search, and YouTube with more than 800 million users [per month], arguably is the biggest funnel we can have,” he added. “Clearly, if we can get consumers into a legal funnel through that route and encourage them into subscription that would have a very positive impact on the business.”

The IFPI declared a growth in the global record industry for the first time in 13 years in 2012 with it’s Digital Music Report 2013.


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