Grooveshark re-launches with 'tip jar' for royalty payments


Grooveshark has soft-launched a more social version of its streaming platform, including a tip jar that encourages fans to compensate music creators.

Through an integration with micropayments site Flattr, fans can now make donations directly to artists on Grooveshark, as well as 'following' them to stay on top of news as well as tour dates via Songkick.

Artists can also claim their own profile to add or remove tracks, and other content. An expanded dashboard offers analytics and direct-to-fan communications.  

The new Grooveshark will roll out to all users by November 1. Until then, users can try the new site here.

Grooveshark is currently in court with several major music companies, banned from Facebook, as well as Apple and Google's app stores, because of failure to properly renumerate artists.

Source: Hypebot


Tags: streaming, Grooveshark, royalties, Flattr

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