Hooper's copyright recommendations take shape - but who's paying for them?

Hooper's copyright recommendations take shape - but who's paying for them?

Representatives of the publishing, music, images, audio-visual and other creative sectors have joined forces to take forward Richard Hooper’s recommendations in his report, Copyright Works, published in July of this year.

As a result, Dr Ros Lynch, a member of the Senior Civil Service in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and collaborator on Hooper’s final report, has been seconded to lead an industry-funded office to spearhead the work to deliver the report’s recommendations.

However, the sticking point of Hooper's recommendations - i.e. who exactly will be coughing up for the industry funding required - still appears to have gone unanswered.

Hooper told Music Week earlier this year: “We would look for the vast majority of [the DCE plans] to be industry-funded. The [music] industry can't have it both ways. These are either problems that if solved will increase their revenue, and so they should fund it - or if it's not a problem for them, if it doesn't solve their issues and doesn't increase their revenues, then why are we doing it?"

According to a release from the Hooper's steering group today,  'creative sectors have already committed funding to enable this project to progress'.

Steps to implement recommendations from the report will focus on streamlining copyright licensing for the digital age, making it easier for users to access rights and services lawfully and so ensuring that creators are rewarded when their works are used.
James Lancaster, former Head of Rights and Business Affairs at the BBC, will chair the Copyright Licensing Steering Group (CLSG), which will oversee a range of workstreams focusing on different aspects of copyright licensing including data building blocks, metadata and streamlining licensing in various sectors.

A key workstream will steer the development of the Copyright Hub identified in the report and this is being chaired by Richard Hooper under the banner of the Copyright Hub Launch Group. Members of the CLSG and each of the workstreams are currently being recruited from across the creative industries and work is getting underway.
James Lancaster said: “I am delighted to be chairing this important group which will play a significant role in making it easier for rights and works to be licensed for the benefit of all.”

Hooper’s proposed Copyright Hub builds on the recommendation for a digital copyright exchange in a government review into intellectual property and growth carried out in 2011 and led by Professor Ian Hargreaves.

Read all about Hooper's recommendations for a Digital Copyright Exchange through here.


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