Kim Dotcom's Baboom is an 'iTunes/Spotify hybrid'

Tom Pakinkis
Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom has billed his upcoming music service as an “iTunes/Spotify hybrid”.

Evolving from Dotcom’s Megabox venture, which was previewed in September last year, Baboom will also offer artists 90% of sales through the platform, while consumers will be able to get music for 'free' at the other end.

Dotcom described the model that would make this possible to Wired: “Baboom users can install a little plugin that replaces the ads you'd normally see on the internet with ones that we control through our ad network.

“Just as advertisers go to AdWords to buy ads from Google for certain search terms, they'll be able to come to us and buy these ads at half the price and still have ads shown against the same keywords.

“100% of the money is credited to the user, who can spend it on music. It's basically rewarding the user for the ad impressions that they are exposed to every day. We estimate that users will be able to buy around ten additional albums each year without charge.”

It seems users will also be able to buy music on Baboom in the traditional sense, with real currency, and artists will choose the price point of their content.

Dotcom added that he will release his own EDM album in January next year alongside a Baboom soft launch. He said he wanted to make an LP so that he could understand what an artist goes through when making a record.


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