Music tourism spend hits £2bn in UK

Paul Williams
Music tourism spend hits £2bn in UK

Music contributed more than £2bn to UK tourism last year, according to a new study by UK Music and VisitBritain.

The Wish You Were Here report reveals across 2012 income generated directly or indirectly by music tourism amounted to £2.2bn, while the money spent directly by music tourists in the sector during the year was £1.3bn. This came from 6.5 million music tourists, supporting 24,251 full-time jobs, while overseas visitors spent on average £657 and made up 6% of the music tourists but 20% of the spend.

UK Music chief executive Jo Dipple said the study was the most comprehensive look at music tourism that had ever existed.

“The total direct and indirect spend of £2.2bn is incredibly impressive in a year that had its own problems,” she added, pointing to issues such as the poor weather, no Glastonbury Festival last year, the distraction of the Olympics and continuing problems in the wider economy.

“The fact there are six-and-a half-million tourists is very impressive and the fact that 6% of overseas tourists spend 20% of the money is a great target for us and VisitBritain to get more overseas tourists here because they spend the most money.”

The report’s numbers having been pulled together by Oxford Economics, the global leader in forecasting and quantitative analysis for both Government and business. It used sources such as box offices, promoters, arenas and PRS for Music.



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