Nettwerk Music Group launches EDM singles-only label

Tina Hart
Nettwerk Music Group

Nettwerk Music Group is launching an EDM single-only imprint label.

Billboard has reported that the genre-specific imprint will be called Nettrax, and that the first release from it will be Andy Caldwell track We Are The Future.

The parent company structure means that the imprint can sign artists for tracks then refer them to Nettwerk Records for album deals.

Mark Jowett, VP International A&R/Publishing of Nettwerk Music Group, will run the LA-based office alongside Jared Barboza, Abbot Monroe Artist Management, who has partnered with the company as a genre specialist, and will work on A&R and front-end administration.

Barboza - also the manager of Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Morgan Page who is signed to parent label Nettwerk - said the success with his act “[gave] [Nettwerk] the confidence” to create Nettrax.

Speaking about the timing of the launch of Nettrax, Jowett said: “It’s because of the timing of where dance music is in the industry at the moment that it felt like exactly the right time to do it.”

He added: “[Nettrax] can act kind of like an incubator where we can release singles very freely without much pressure. In some cases we’ll be just signing really great, promising singles, and in other cases we’ll be signing artists for a longer period of time.

“Ultimately, if we can have a roster of five or six artists that are really meaningful in the EDM world and also crossover to some degree in America, in the UK, in Germany, in Australia, then that would be tremendous.”

At Midem last weekend, a new global dance music trade body was officially announced. The Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) has been formed as a global advocacy and lobbying group for the dance music community.


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