Norwegian music sales up 7% in 2012, streaming claimed 45% of market - IFPI report

Tom Pakinkis

IFPI Norway has published music sales figures for 2012 revealing a 7% overall increase with digital revenues significantly exceeding physical.

Total music sales in Norway fetched 545.3m Krone last year (approx. $98.4m) compared to 508m in 2011.

Of total sales, streaming accounted for 45% in 2012 (compared to 32% in 2011), downloads claimed 16% (compared to 17% in 2011) while physical sales counted for 39% (compared to 51% in 2011).

“This is the first time we see an increase in music sales since 2004 and 7% is a solid increase,” said IFPI Norway CEO Marte Thorsby. “Streaming has grown from 13% of the total sales in 2010, 32% of the total sales in 2011 and now counts for 45% of the total sales. And I do not think the top is reached."

Total sales in December declined 14% compared to December 2011.  

In December 2012, physical music sales counted for 34% of total sales with downloads rising to 14% of the total, compared to the same month last year with 58% physical sales and 13% downloads. Streaming counted for 51% of the total sales in December (29% in 2011). 

"We see a marked decrease in physical sales in December. These figures shows that Christmas sales do not have the same impact as in previous years," added Thorsby.


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