Over 2,000 premium SoundCloud users demand copyright policy change


SoundCloud’s copyright policy has been met with complaints as almost 2,500 premium users say their activities are being limited by policies on mashups, mixes and more.

A petition is requesting the streaming site reverts to “a real promotion tool” and “not a website just to have fancy audio players.”

The campaign is being headed up by French DJ/producer Stephan Hedfors, who said: “Soundcloud was a great promotion tool for musicians. Unfortunately, with their new copyright policy, even original content can be flagged as copyrighted content, removed from their website and account from the artists can be closed.

“Bootlegs, mashups are not allowed anymore, despite the facts that people who make them don't earn money from them and that some of the biggest artists support them.

“Account are flagged for spam even when we send just a few non-spam messages.  All we want is that soundcloud change their copyright policy, users pay their premium accounts and they must have the services they paid for.”

2,497 supporters have signed the online petition.

Soundcloud have responded saying that they are “striving to resolve any conflicts that have arisen from legitimate rights holders getting caught up in any takedown requests.”

A spokesperson told Music Week: “At SoundCloud we use a well-established and market leading third party content ID system to help identify and block known copyright works from appearing on our platform. Unfortunately, this sometimes has the unwanted consequence of blocking a sound uploaded by a legitimate rights holder.

“Our content ID system relies on rules set by rights holders, and will only block or remove a sound automatically if the rights holder, usually (in the case of music) a record label or distributor, has requested this when delivering their content into the content ID system.  If a creator has permission to post his/her own content and their sound gets blocked, we have a clear and effective process to deal with this quickly and efficiently.  

“We appreciate that it may be inconvenient and frustrating for creators to have their own sounds blocked or removed, but we also believe that the majority of sound creators appreciate the efforts we are taking to protect their sounds from unauthorised distribution on SoundCloud.”


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