Public Enemy team up with BitTorrent to release free track

Public Enemy

Public Enemy are the latest artist to team up with BitTorrent after releasing a new track for free on the file-sharing platform.

Fans who download the bundle get Get up, Stand Up featuring Brother Ali, additional video content and have the chance to enter a remix contest.

By entering an email address, 37 multitracks are unlocked, which can then be used to create a song and shared with the band using file delivery service SoShare.

The group will then choose the winners with the top pick getting produced and released by Public Enemy. Its creator will also get equipment from Blue Mics, Native Instruments, plus Public Enemy merchandise. Remixes have to be submitted by July 18.

BitTorrent has been trying to forge a better relationship with the music industry in the past few years after being associated with piracy. The technology that the site has means that it’s an ideal platform for pirates to use to transfer large (and illegal) files.

In the last 12 months, the site has worked with 20 artists, authors and film makers to release exclusive material for free. In Q4 this year the company will officially roll out a ‘bundles’ platform designed to release packages of content.

Speaking to Music Week, BitTorrent marketing director Matt Mason said the plan is to “create a set of publishing tools that people can use to drive fans to where they want them to go from the torrent".

“We don’t want to crush Spotify or iTunes,” Mason explained. “But we’re not sure those business models are going to work, it’s not a business we want to be in. If we can make you a tool so that you can drive more people to subscribe and profit because that works for you as an artist then we want to help you do that.”

When DJ Shadow offered a bundle of material from his career in the early Nineties last year on BitTorrent, Mason said 183,000 users were driven to artist owned properties (such as his website and social media pages) and 25,000 subscribers signed up to the DJ’s email list.

Other artists who have also worked with the service include Death Grips, Counting Crows and Alex Day.

BitTorrent has more than 170 million users around the world.



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