Rough Trade could open more UK stores following HMV collapse

Tom Pakinkis
Rough Trade

Indie record retailer Rough Trade could open new outlets across the UK in the wake of HMV’s demise.

That’s according to the company’s founder Geoff Travis who specifically mentioned Manchester as a city where he’d like to see the Rough Trade name.

“There is a need for something, we feel,” he told The Independent. “It would be great to do that in some other UK towns. It would be fantastic to have a store in Manchester and more around the UK.

“It’s possible we could open more, if people want that. But it’s better if people who have local knowledge in their own community do that.”

While Rough Trade could benefit from HMV’s collapse and potential streamlining or restructuring under retail restructuring group Hilco, which took effective control of the firm in the UK yesterday, Travis said the struggle of Rough Trade’s competitor was in no way good news.

“There was no celebration from us,” he said. “We knew they were in trouble for a long time but they were a very important part of selling records in the UK for labels including Rough Trade.

“We need record stores in the world,” he added. “We don’t want to live our lives online and be in our bedrooms 24 hours a day.” 

Rough Trade is due to open a new store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn within the next six months, a time when “all the other record stores in New York have closed down,” says Travis.


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