Sony hits Beyonce pirate with $233,000 lawsuit - report


Sony Music Entertainment is suing a BitTorrent user in Sweden for $233,000 (approx. £154,060) for leaking Beyonce’s 4 album to The Pirate Bay ahead of its release.

The claim is that on June 8, 2011 a man from Gothenburg shared LP 4 in advance of its June 24 commercial release date. The 47-year-old is reportedly a music industry worker, reports TorrentFreak.

In a submission to the Gothenburg District Court, Sony said that its business has been negatively affected by the leak on a number of fronts. The label says it has suffered damage to its marketing strategy, sales revenues and has also incurred additional costs. Sony adds that its relationship with Beyonce has been damaged and the artist’s reputation hurt.

Prosecutor Henrik Rasmusson says that he believes that punishments in this criminal case will be heavy. Last week Sony announced that it would also be seeking damages in a parallel civil case.

The case is the first of its kind, where electronic monitoring and evidence gathering carried out by DtecNet, the U.S. outfit behind the 'six-strikes' scheme in the United States, led authorities to the illegal file-sharer.


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