Ministry of Sound future secured despite green light for controversial housing block

Ministry of Sound

The future of the Ministry of Sound looks to have been secured despite planning permission for a residential tower block near the venue having been granted by London Mayor Boris Johnson

Ministry of Sound spent years campaigning against proposals for a 41-storey tower on the site of Eileen House in Newington Causeway, Elephant & Castle, fearing that the building would force them to close.

The tower will be ten metres from the front of the club and Ministry feared that new residents would complain about noise, making it "highly likely we will lose our licence and be forced to close".

The building of the tower block will go ahead next year. However, in a hearing yesterday (Thursday, December 19) MoS and the building developers struck a legal agreement containing a number of clauses to address noise concerns, which should mean the club can remain open.

These include a provision that the lease of each flat will include specific reference to the location of the Ministry of Sound, as well as measures restricting future alterations to the building which could affect noise levels experienced by residents.

A deed of easement will prevent future residents from submitting noise nuisance claims.

The Mayor said he was satisfied that the measures would enable the new homes to coexist with the Ministry of Sound which he described as a "great London cultural landmark".

Johnson said: "This scheme will deliver much-needed housing in Elephant & Castle while ensuring that the Ministry of Sound, one of London's leading cultural and musical icons, can continue to thrive for years to come.

"The Ministry of Sound makes a huge contribution to the area's thriving night time economy. We want the club to be at the heart of our plans to transform the area into a thriving town centre which is attractive to live, work and play, particularly for young people and students.

"I have fully considered the concerns raised by the club, and having visited the site myself believe that, on balance, the amendments to the original plans should allow residents of the new development to coexist with visitors to the club."

Source: London SE1


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