YouTube to launch Freesat TV channel


[UPDATE] Youtube have since clarified that their partnership with Freesat is for an upcoming app, which can be accessed through the television operator's connected service.

Google has reportedly signed a deal with Freesat for a YouTube television channel, to be launched by the end of March.

The new channel will enable customers of the BBC and ITV-backed satellite television operator to tune in to the YouTube online video site from their main programming guide, according to The Telegraph, without requiring internet access.

Currently, YouTube videos and its 60 broadcast-style channels can only be viewed through connected television sets or through a computer. Freesat has more than 3m of the devices in 1.7m UK households.

The move follows rumours that the streaming site is to start selling subscriptions to select channels for $1-$5 per month - a scheme which could be launched as soon as the second quarter of this year.





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