10 killer quotes from MUSEXPO 2017


The annual MUSEXPO conference concluded in Los Angeles on Wednesday. A host of top executives from all sectors of the music business gathered to share their wit and wisdom. Here, Music Week brings you a selection of the pithiest one-liners…

“When I started, there were a lot of crazy characters in the business. Now it's a business, then it was a party.” – Lava Records founder/CEO Jason Flom reminisces about the good old days.

“Chance The Rapper’s not signed, but he got a KitKat commercial.” – MTV’s SVP of music Amani Duncan offers branding hope to all unsigned artists.

“There’s never been a worst time in the history of the music business to be pretty good, because pretty good has zero value today.” – Even realer talk from BMG’s president, repertoire & marketing, Zach Katz.

“Just avoid commercials with Kendall Jenner.” – songwriter/producer Savan Kotecha offers some sound sync advice.

“My official job title was ‘bitch’ – and that over-stated my responsibilities.” Red Bull Records MD Greg Hammer on his first job in music.

“You’d never get anyone saying, I’ve taken a crash course in brain surgery, do you mind if I operate on you?” – X-Ray Touring partner Steve Strange offers words of advice for would-be festival organisers, post-Fyre debacle.

“If you’re asking for the formula, there is no formula.” – Real talk from Roc Nation manager Jon Lieberberg.

“We’re not fighting for the same songs anymore. We’re looking for indie acts.” – Fox Broadcasting’s VP of music and production Mamie Coleman offers hope to independents.

“What would make me leave Republic? Three billion dollars.” Republic Records co-CEO, Monte Lipman, asks for an offer he can’t refuse.

“My job as a lawyer is not to be a buzzkill,” ADLI Law Group co-head of entertainment & media Paul Menes shatters the illusion.

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