£1 per month streaming service Bloom.fm launches

£1 per month streaming service Bloom.fm launches

The UK's first ever streaming service to ask just £1 a month from subscribers - alongside a free radio offering - has launched.

Bloom.fm is a mobile app that combines radio, on-demand streaming and a pay-as-you-go system for offline playback.

The Bloom.fm app is now available to download free from the iTunes App Store.

Bloom.fm users can choose from a library of over 16 million music tracks - licensed by the likes of Universal, Sony, Beggars and PIAS, but not Warner Music Group.

Users can take advantage of a unique ‘borrowing’ system that allows them to download and store music on their mobile device.

Bloom's £1 a month tier allows fans to ‘borrow’ 20 songs as caches at a time.

There are three levels of paid Bloom.fm subscription packages:

  • For £1 per month users can borrow and store up to 20 tracks on their mobile device at any one time. And if they want to exchange them for something new, they can.
  • Subscribers paying £5 per month are able to borrow and store up to 200 tracks on their mobile device. Again, these 200 tracks can be exchanged at any time.
  • Users paying £10 per month for the ‘Full Bloom’ premium subscription can borrow, exchange and store as many tracks as their smartphone can handle and also enjoy full on-demand streaming.

Bloom.fm also offers these packages as an In App Purchase, costing £1.49, £6.99 and £13.99 respectively. The £1, £5 and £10 prices will be available directly to all users at www.Bloom.fm.

Thong Nguyen, Chief Technical Officer of Bloom.fm; "From the very beginning we wanted to design Bloom specifically for mobile; to take advantage of the touchscreen with a unique interface that contributes to the user experience rather than take away from it. Music excites people and we think software should too!"

Oleg Fomenko, Chief Executive Officer of Bloom.fm; “We are very encouraged by the industry-wide support - from the likes of Universal, Sony Music, EMI, Beggars, Orchard, PIAS, INgrooves and dozens more Indie labels - for our desire to bring a service to the UK consumer that is not only beautiful and easy to use, but also offers an amazing entry price of only  £1 a month.  We believe that Bloom.fm will excite millions of music lovers who find existing price points too high for their needs and we hope our fantastic discovery features will help everyone find a new favourite artist.”


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