Revealed: The true value of '360' deals to labels

Revealed: The true value of '360' deals to labels

'360' deals brought in extra revenue worth £76m to UK record companies last year, according to new BPI research - as sync income continued to grow.

Revenues generated outside of CD, DVD and digital services (i.e. from music synchronisation, '360' artist deals, concerts, music-related TV production, broadcasting and public performance) grew strongly for labels in 2011 to £205.3m, accounting for a fifth (20.5%) of record industry trade turnover.

The market for music synchronisation - the use of recordings in films, TV programmes, adverts and games – grew substantially to £18m, an increase of 11.9% year-on-year. 

This was achieved despite a fall in games-related synchronisation deals, from £5.4m to £3.6m, as sales of games centred on music softened in 2011.

Artist-related revenues from multiple-rights '360' deals - including concerts, merchandising, touring and sales of music direct from artist and label websites - remained strong during 2011. 

Almost £76m was generated from these additional income streams at labels in 2011, an increase of 14% on the previous year.

Licensing income from television, radio and online broadcast in addition to public performance revenues, collected by PPL, combined with VPL revenue increased to £83.2m.

Commenting on the annual figures, BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor said:

“British music companies have reinvented their businesses for the digital age, marketing and promoting music intelligently through every channel available.  They have diversified their revenue base and this has established a solid platform for future growth as the transition to a majority digital business continues.

“British music is on a global high and the UK’s creative industries have enormous potential to generate new jobs and economic growth, if Government gets serious about tackling online theft of content."


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