Artists and managers pulled into 'Great Ticket Scandal'

Artists and managers pulled into 'Great Ticket Scandal'

The programme filmed undercover at secondary ticketing site Viagogo, exposing the practice of promoters who allocate thousands of pre-sale tickets to the secondary market - where they are sold at up to five times their face value.

It was alleged that promoters including SJM, Metropolis, 3A Entertainment and Live Nation all engaged in the practice.

However, Live Nation - which Dispatches claimed was selling new Rihanna and Westlife tickets on Viagogo - has revealed to Music Week that it only ever strikes these deals with the "participation" of artists and their teams.

"Live Nation has never listed tickets in the secondary market without the participation of the artists or management," Live Nation COO for International Paul Latham told Music Week. "Indeed, when we have, the allocation is not more than 3% of the total available tickets for sale."

Latham joined the CPA in blaming a lack of resale pricing legislation for pushing promoters' into "claiming back monies" by selling on the secondary market.

Respected promoter Harvey Goldsmith called the industry-wide practice "an absolute disgrace".

Pick up today's Music Week to read a three-page special report.


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