Artists can now sell direct to fans on Spotify via BandPage

Tim Ingham
Artists can now sell direct to fans on Spotify via BandPage

Spotify has announced a new partnership with BandPage which promises to ‘give musicians powerful new ways to sell directly to their fans’.

The tie-up means artists can not only sell traditional items such as merchandise on their Spotify channel, but also flog secret shows and other exclusive 'VIP experiences'.

Examples that are already on offer include a presale and exclusive online concert offer from Ariana Grande and a 'one-of-a-kind' beer cooler and t-shirt bundle from Miranda Lambert.

Porter Robinson is offering a meet-and-greet through his BandPage on Spotify as well as a prop from his Lionhearted video.

“For so long, musicians haven’t effectively been able to reach their fans with the right merch and VIP experiences across major streaming services. This partnership opens up a new revenue stream that enables musicians to sell directly to 40 million fans at the moment they are most engaged and listening to a musician’s song,” said J Sider, Founder and CEO of BandPage. 

“It’s great to work with such a powerful industry leader like Spotify to help musicians increase their revenue and grow their fan base.” 

“My fans are very important to me, so this opportunity to offer them something special is exciting,” said Miranda Lambert, Grammy award-winning country artist. “It’s great that BandPage and Spotify are enabling musicians to connect with their fans in new ways."

“This partnership represents an exciting step forward in the kinds of offers musicians can present to their fans on Spotify,” said Mark Williamson, Director of Artist Services for Spotify.  “We’re pleased to be working with Bandpage to help artists engage with their fan base and create new revenue opportunities.”

BandPage's deal with Spotify comes five months after the streaming service's previous merchandise sales partner, TopSpin, was snapped up by rival Beats Music - which was itself subsequently acquired by Apple for $3 billion.


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