Danish court orders ISP to block Grooveshark

Danish court orders ISP to block Grooveshark

The decision comes in a case that saw more than 30 rightsholders target Grooveshark, with the court agreeing that the music service and its users are violating copyright law when they stream through Grooveshark.

The group of entertainment companies who brought the order against Grooveshark is known collectively as RettighedsAlliancen. Chief Maria Frendenslund said that the controversial service had no content agreements or licenses with members of her group, was "completely uncooperative" in negotiations and that taking content down from Grooveshark had proven impossible.

3 argued that not all content on Grooveshark is there without permission and so to block it entirely would be disproportionate, resulting in the censorship of legal content.

The Danish court, however, labelled the extent of the copyright violations being committed using the service overwhelming, despite any aspects that may be considered legal, TorrentFreak reports.

The court ordered an immediate injunction against 3, which prohibits it from facilitating subscriber access to the site. 3 now has to decide its next course of action.

"We have received the result and will now decide what to do next," Stinne Green Paulsen, Communications Manager at '3?, told TorrentFreak. "We have four weeks to decide if we want to proceed or not."

Frendenslud commented on the result: "Grooveshark is an illegal site, which is really big and popular. But they have a business model that is based on trickery and fraud."

"Many users believe that when they use Grooveshark payment goes back to the artists and producers. So we think it was important to close off access so the legitimate sites have a chance to recover."


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