Google to cut funds to illegal download sites in latest anti-piracy move - report

Tina Hart

Google is trying another route in the battle against online piracy, as it is currently in discussions with payment companies to block funding that could ultimately put illegal download hosting sites out of business.

The Telegraph reports that the tech giant is in discussions with companies such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal to get cash sources blocked – similar to a move brought against WikiLeaks in 2011.

Google has been encouraged by music industry trade body BPI to up its commitment to battling piracy as its searches still display URLs from copyright infringing websites. The site previously said it was attempting to combat the problem by changing the way it prioritised search results by pushing sites that prove to infringe copyright to the bottom rankings in its search results.

The new plans to block funding are currently still under discussion, and include proposed moves to enforce such rules upon those who do not respond to legal challenges, including sites hosted offshore.


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