MP3Tunes founder ordered to pay $41m in copyright damages

Tom Pakinkis

The founder of digital music storage platform MP3Tunes has been ordered to pay $41 million by a jury in the US after being found liable for copyright infringement earlier this month.

Michael Robertson was found to have infringed works by plaintiffs Capitol Records, EMI and others. The case dates back to 2007.

The jury ultimately decided upon a ruling that MP3tunes was 'willfully blind' to copyright infringement.

According to Reuters, a complex and lengthy verdict issued by a federal jury in Manhatten yesterday requires Robertson to pay roughly $41 million in total damages.

Laywers from Robertson and EMI will now take until next Tuesday to figure out exactly how much money was awarded in the verdict.

Robertson’s lawyer said that his client plans to appeal the decision, arguing that many of the claims against him were not sustainable.

Robertson has two sites – MP3Tunes.com and Sideload.com - which let users upload and listen to music, but also - crucially - to "sideload" music from third-party websites to their own private cloud lockers.


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