New iTunes still in the works

Tom Pakinkis

Many may have been left scratching their heads following Apple’s iPad Mini conference after a new version of iTunes failed to make an appearance.

The new digital music player was announced in September and said to be available this month – but no mention was given to iTunes at Apple’s most recent event.

But Apple still has its music hub in mind, with the company’s senior vice president and CFO Peter Oppengeimer outlining what to expect from iTunes 11 in an earnings call yesterday.

“We look forward to launching the new iTunes featuring a complete redesigned player," he said before reiterating plans for "seamless integration with iCloud and a new look for the iTune Store.

“The new iTunes has a dramatically simpler and clearner interface, so customers music, movie and TV purchases on any of their iOS devices of computers are conveniently displayed in their iTunes library and are available whenever they want them,” he added.

Apple posted FY2012 results showing $156 billion in revenue for the year yesterday with $36 billion in revenue for Q4.


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