Pepsi: iTunes Radio can become 'critical piece' in engaging music fans

Tom Pakinkis
iTunes Radio

Pepsi has revealed that, while music streaming is nothing new, it was the broad Apple ecosystem that attracted it to the company’s newly launched iTunes Radio.

Pepsi will be the new platform’s exclusive beverage sponsor until the end of 2013, according to Billboard, with ad packages for iTunes Radio being sold at a minimum of $1 million for a 12-month commitment from 2014.

PepsiCo’s chief marketing officer of global consumer engagement Frank Cooper told Billboard that the new service’s real selling point is the power of the iTunes platform as a whole.

“Clearly, streaming is not new, but we think there’s a lot of growth ahead,” he said. “When you look at the broad Apple ecosystem to us that becomes extraordinarily interesting.

“The data and the engagement that they have across the entire iTunes platform, the devices that they have and the creativity that they have in terms of delivering a complete, holistic experience for our music gives us the confidence that this could become a critical piece of the broader picture in engaging music fans and our own consumers around music.”

iTunes Radio launched yesterday in the US.


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