Prime Minister 'disappointed' with music industry over explicit videos

Prime Minister 'disappointed' with music industry over explicit videos

Reg Bailey, author of Government-commissioned report Let Children Be Children and head of the Mothers' Union, said: "Many of the industries mentioned in last year's report have responded positively to our recommendations. I cannot say that has been the case with music videos... Age ratings should be introduced for music videos. There is also a clear case for age-verification for [music video] sites."

Bailey's accusation follows recommendations in his report triggered by parents' fears over explicit content in certain music videos. According to The Telegraph, Prime Minister Cameron is understood to be "disappointed" with the music industry's response.

Universal Music UK chairman and CEO David Joseph told Music Week last month: "I think David Cameron has a point in raising the issue - but it's about what we do with it once it's been raised. I would welcome a move towards voluntary measures, but I 100% do not welcome a move towards classification boards."


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