Radio 1 Official Chart to become online TOTP

Radio 1 Official Chart to become online TOTP

The format of the show is set to be transformed next month as the top ten best-selling singles in The Official Chart will be visualised via the Radio 1 website for the first time ever. This will also be the first time the Top 10 has been visualised weekly at the BBC since 2006, when long-running weekly music chart show Top of the Pops ceased.

From Sunday, February 26 Radio 1 listeners will be able to watch the final hour of The Official Chart with Reggie Yates (6-7pm) online, as he counts down the Top 10 singles.

As well as watching Yates live in the studio, viewers will be able to see the music videos of those artists in the top 10, previous Live Lounge performances and exclusive interviews with artists that are featured in the chart. In addition, viewers will be able to interact visually with the show via Facebook, Twitter and text.

Ben Cooper, Controller of BBC Radio 1, said: "This is the Chart Show for the 21st century. I'm very excited about this innovation."

"Young people will be logging on to listen, watch and take part in the show. I hope that this will be to our young listeners what listening to the chart and waiting to record your favourite pop songs was for another generation."

Reggie Yates, Radio 1 DJ, commented: "It's so exciting that Chart Show listeners can now become Chart Show viewers. For the first time fans will be able to see all the antics and interviews that take place each week on the show in the run up to announcing the No.1 single as well as being able to watch the music videos from the Top 10 artists."

Martin Talbot, Managing Director of the Official Charts Company, said: "It feels completely appropriate that Radio 1 should choose to reinvent the concept of the radio show in the year that the Official Singles Chart marks its 60th anniversary."

"The Official Singles Chart has always reflected changing musical tastes and the evolving ways music fans have bought and enjoyed their music. And Radio 1's innovation will change the way music and chart fans engage with the weekly Official Chart Show."

The Official Chart with Reggie Yates on BBC Radio 1 counts down the 40 best-selling singles in the UK and is broadcast every Sunday between 4-7pm.


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