RSM eyes up the big time

RSM eyes up the big time

The company has seen around 15,000 new tracks added to its roster after taking over representation of the Dallas based Stephen Arnold Music library and the Motion Focus Music catalogue in the UK.

RSM says the addition of the Stephen Arnold Music catalogue is a coup for the company, with Arnold's music heard on a daily basis by more than 100m homes in the US through programmes broadcast on TV channels including ESPN, HBO, National Geographic and FOX.

The move also means that for the first time Motion Focus will have international representation for its repertoire, which includes the themes to Australian Idol and Wanted Down Under.

RSM general manager John Sweeny says as well as profiting from revenue created from the screening of the programmes in the UK, his company will also be examining ways of pitching compositions from the two catalogues to companies in the UK.

He adds RSM will be working closely with radio, film and advertising companies who are looking for a piece of library music to put with their package.

"I think some of the music would be extremely well suited for promos on Channel 4 and Five, however we will have to see what happens," he says. "When it comes to licensing music people are not really too concerned as to what it has been used in before - they are more focused on whether a particular composition will fit in with what they are doing."

The new catalogues, which will be added to RSM's online database by the end of September, will see a further 6,000 new tracks to the company's roster each year, and will sit alongside the CosMind and AVC catalogues acquired by the organisation last November.

Sweeny also suggests RSM will look to expand its repertoire over the coming months, adding that it gets approached by two or three companies a month who want RSM to represent their works.

He adds, "We are always on the lookout for more and we don't see these two new additions as the end of our acquisitions. I am really excited by the possibilities now open to us with these two catalogues - and am certain, should the occasion be right that we will be taking more opportunities like this in the future."


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