Skint Records and Little Man Tate tackle illegal downloading

Skint Records and Little Man Tate tackle illegal downloading

Little Man Tate's I Am Alive comes with a ticket to the band's headline show at Rotherham's 4000 capacity Magna venue on the March 28. In an added bid to reduce bootlegging, the single will not be promoted to the radio or press until the day of its release.

Skint Records' Managing Director JC Reid says, "Skint will always support the band in their pro-active approach in trying to tackle illegal downloading and file sharing issues. Little Man Tate work hard to ensure that it's the band's fantastic, loyal fans that get to own the new tracks first."

The move to curb free access of Little Man Tate's music is in direct response to the availability of their second album Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy on filesharing sites.

"When we sent out promos of the album back in October," Reid says, "it was made available on filesharing websites almost immediately. So when we released it for sale, people only bought the tracks that were not on the promo".

Reid does not rule out the possibility of releasing similar packages in the future with other artists on their label.


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