Sony/ATV strikes deal with PopArabia

Paul Williams
Sony/ATV strikes deal with PopArabia

Middle East and North Africa's PopArabia has struck a deal with Sony/ATV to have access to its catalogue of more than 2 million songs.

Under an exclusive licensing agreement PopArabia, the leading music rights company and consultancy in the region, will be able to license the major's full catalogue for synchronisation, digital and online usage. It covers songs by the likes of The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Queen, Lady Gaga, Sting, Kanye West and Amy Winehouse plus iconic film catalogues such as Sony Pictures, Paramount and MGM.

Hussain Spek Yoosuf, who founded PopArabia backed by twofour54 said: “With revenues generated from the legal use of music and respect for copyrights, we put in place the building blocks for a thriving regional industry for songwriters and composers. As the UAE continues to grow as an entertainment center, this has a net positive effect on not just the music business – but the media and entertainment industry at large. Promoting best practices to protect revenues of creative works is vital for the healthy growth of the industry in the region.”

Sony/ATV international executive vice president Guy Henderson said: "We are delighted to work with PopArabia to ensure the exposure of our writers and catalogues in the MENA region. With a young and fast growing population, there are now more people listening to music in the MENA region than ever before, creating an exciting future for the music industry. Our partnership with PopArabia demonstrates our commitment to a vibrant music industry in the region and to help develop the MENA market. We look forward to working closely with PopArabia as we develop new opportunities for our writers in the region.”

Sony/ATV said the addition of its catalogue meant PopArabia now controlled the majority of all music released globally with the region it operated in.



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