'Spotify is not worth bothering with': The debate rages on

'Spotify is not worth bothering with': The debate rages on

The debate was prompted by the news yesterday that independent distributor ST Holdings had withdrawn all its music from Spotify, Simfy, Rdio and Napster, claiming they cannibalise revenue from sales.

Probably the majority of respondents online agreed with the move, with indie label TriAngle Records Tweeting, "Feeling pretty good about my decision to never join Spotify right about now...".

TriAngle later added, "Gold Panda just told me he made 19 pence on Spotify last year. You can't even buy a snickers bar with that!".

But there was also support - of sorts - for Spotify from drum and bass label Hospital, which Tweeted, "Be thankful that Spotify let U take music down."

On the Music Week website, too, commentators joined in. Energise Records Ltd said that it planned to withdraw its content from Spotify next year, explaining, "Have to completely agree, the income from these streaming services is so low it is not worth bothering with, and it will make it harder for smaller niche labels to stay afloat."

Gary Smith added, "About time - why don't all record companies do it? Surely the revenue isn't worth it. If an album isn't available to stream people will buy it either digitally or physically. They won't if it's free to stream - simple."

Spotify has yet to respond to ST's move, although it has commented on a recent news story on Digital Music News, which claimed that Spotify was detrimental to music purchasing.

The story was based on a report from US music retail body NARM and NPD Group. Spotify has moved to debunk it, pointing out that NARM president Jim Donio has said the story is incorrect as Spotify is not named in the report.


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