Stevie Wonder song soundtracks new GTA V trailer

GTA V trailer Stevie Wonder

The Grand Theft Auto series is historically one of the biggest sync opportunities in the entire video games sector - and it looks like Stevie Wonder's Skeletons will be making a key appearance in upcoming Rockstar title GTA V.

The track, whose publishers include Jobete Music Inc., EMI and Black Bull Music Inc, was originally released in 1987 on Wonder album Characters.

Now it's set for a wave of fresh attention: the second GTA V trailer, released today, is already making headlines across the web, prominently soundtracked by Skeletons.

The first trailer for the game, released earlier this year, featured Small Faces track Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake.

You can watch the new GTA V trailer below. The title is due for released via Rockstar Games in spring next year.



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