Study urges labels to move to digital

Music companies need to make their existing repertoire available in digital form as soon as possible to halt the growth of online piracy, a new BPI-supported study is urging.

The Institute For Public Policy Research's New Musical Entrepreneurs publication, which will be launched at a conference on the impact of new technology on the UK music industry at the Ministry Of Sound in London this Thursday, says that the UK music industry must simplify and clarify licensing procedures as well as agree on a commercial framework to deliver music digitally to the maximum benefit for everyone.

Funded by several bodies including the BPI and British Music Rights, the report suggests that a single pan-industry body must be set up to further cooperation, present a more unified voice to government and media, and ensure the UK's small companies have a voice. It adds that the industry must maximise competitiveness to prevent foreign-based service providers undercutting UK prices.

The study's recommendations to the Government include a call to establish a legislative framework for the digital music market to maintain protection online for rights owners.


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