Support a football team? Let Music Week know!

Support a football team? Let Music Week know!

The UK music industry is pretty darn football crazy.

From Brentford FC to Man Utd, Ipswich Town and even AFC Wimbledon, it's rare to find an exec without some kind of hardcore affiliation; whether to Premiership high-flyers or grass roots try-hards.

On Friday AUGUST 16, Music Week will run a full cut-out-and-keep guide to who supports who across the UK music industry.

This must-read, extensive list will not only giving you a run-down on which fellow supporters in the biz you might want to get to know, but also a window on that key personal icebreaker next time you have a one-on-one meeting with a business power player...

If you'd like to be included, email Tim.Ingham@intentmedia.co.uk using the subject line: 'MY FOOTBALL TEAM'.

Even better: email in a single list of football supporters from within your own business, including names, job titles and, of course, the team each person follows.

* It is likely that not every name will be able to be included, but we will squeeze in as many as possible.


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