Two arrested in raid for counterfeit CDs

Coral Williamson
IP Crime Unit

Two people from Lancashire were arrested last Thursday following an investigation into a suspected counterfeit CD operation.

A man, 28, and woman, 27, were believed to be selling high-quality fake CDs by international and UK artists such as Beyoncé, Paloma Faith and Paolo Nutini, making tens of thousands of pounds.

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) launched the investigation following a referral from the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI). It is believed that the two people arrested were selling the counterfeit CDs through an online marketplace, and then shipping them directly from an overseas source.

DCI Andy Fyfe, head of PIPCU, said: “The creative industries in the UK are a real success story however intellectual property (IP) crime is costing them millions of pounds each year and is putting legitimate businesses and jobs across the industry at risk.

“PIPCU is committed to preventing and disrupting IP crime and will continue to work with our partners across all industries to tackle those criminals who are ripping off UK businesses across the globe.”

Officers searched the Morecombe home and seized a number of CDs, documents and computers while the two were taken to a local police station for questioning.

Director of Anti-Piracy at the BPI David Wood said: “High quality counterfeit CDs can be difficult for the average shopper to spot and as a result consumers are often duped into thinking they are buying the real deal.  

“Not only does this mislead music fans but it generates money for those trading illegally at the expense of legitimate high street retailers and businesses trying to make an honest pound. I would like to thank and acknowledge the professionalism of the City of London Police in this investigation.”


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