YouTube and Vevo partnership 'will continue for years to come'

Tom Pakinkis

The YouTube and Vevo partnership will continue for the foreseeable future, with negotiations currently ongoing.

That’s according to the Google video platform’s head of Japan and Korea, who said that he has been involved in the negotiations and is confident that an agreement will be reached.

The relationship between the two companies has been reported as on shakey ground in recent months. But, speaking at MU:CON in Seoul last week, YouTube’s John Hirai said “There are some things that were written in the press that are not entirely true, because I’ve been involved in the negotiations myself.

“But what I can tell you is that I think you’ll see YouTube and Vevo continue to have a partnership in the coming years.”

Doug Morris suggested back in July that Google was requesting too much money from Vevo while negotiating the partnership’s continuation and saying “they risk losing the deal.”

Source: Digital Music News


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