YouTube could allow subscription channels

Robert Kyncl

YouTube is looking at giving its original content partners the option to charge users for subscriptions to their channels, says Robert Kyncl, Youtube’s global head of content.

Although there are no set plans, if the Google-owned online video site does go ahead with this approach. "The majority will be ad-supported, and there will be some that will be paid," Kyncl predicted.

Speaking at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Kyncl said YouTube's goal for now continues to be "taking the friction out" of the ad process to maximize ad revenue for the site and its partners. Promising advertisers that they only pay when ads are actually viewed draws higher ad rates and benefits all sides, he said.

Earlier this week, YouTube added more than 60 new original content channels to its lineup, including some from international content partners.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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