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Music Week Presents: Bree

Born into a religious cult, BREE was kicked out by the cult’s leader, her own father, in Oregon at th

Music Week Presents: The Scheme

Smartly defining a name for themselves on the international music scene as ‘the band to watch&rs

Music Week Presents: Tally Koren

"Just Want to Be Loved By You" New single by Tally Koren produced by Phil Curran and Tally Koren and mixed

Music Week Presents: Sophie Cotterell

Sophie Cotterell and Only Jack Jones ‘Champagne Lips’ 23rd

Music Week Presents: ArchiveX

ArchiveX found his first musical success with original pieces licensed to MTV, Oxygen, E!tv and others. But

Music Week Presents: Raindear

Swedish starlet Raindear released her stunning debut album

Music Week Presents: Camilla Destiny

Real Ones is the second club-pop banger from Camilla Destiny

Music Week Presents: Box Bottom

Box Bottom’s new single Do You Really Wanna Do This

Music Week Presents: Gabz

Stevenage born singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and rapper Gabz became a finalist

Music Week Presents: The So So Glos

Celebrated New York City-based rock band The So So Glos (in conjunction with Votiv Records) are excited to

Music Week Presents: DaDa NaDa

A pro-peace, anti-terrorism advocate, DaDa NaDa is passionate about free speech and the rights of artists t

Music Week Presents: Theholyc

Theholyc started out as a DJ/Producer in 2011, toured the UK and Australi

Music Week Presents: AXEL JANSSON

‘Two of A Kind’ is about the compromises made in a relationship between two people, each waitin

Music Week Presents: Glitter Wasteland

Switzerland based GLITTER WASTELAND is a creative collective around singer songwriter

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Music Week Radar, 26th May 2016

JP Cooper – Tidal Wave. Filmed at Music Week Radar, Under the Bridge.

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