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1 in 6 people in the UK have attended a dance event since 2012

Around 16% of the British public having attended a dance music event in the last three years, according to

ERA to launch manifesto for music, video and games markets

The UK’s entertainment retailers and digital services will publish a manifesto outlining a five-point

'It's harder to get a good live agent working for you now than it is a label'

Ask a member of the public to describe ‘the music industry’ and they’ll most

Asia - how to break emerging territories

Asia is a pretty hot market right now. Previously seen as a piracy haven, times are changing t

McBusted: 'The best ideas seem so obvious afterwards'

It was to be a fateful rejection. Back in 2001, the talented 19-year-old Tom Fletcher joined the hotly-tipp

Spotify set to launch in Brazil - report

Spotify could soon be available in Brazil, after being postponed last year. The music streaming s

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