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Report: Q2 2016 RAJAR figures

The Q2 2016 RAJAR figures are out and it’s safe to say that radio is far from dead. A tota

Report: Music industry courses

In the last two decades the music industry has evolved into an incredibly complex business - an intricate w

Millennials' consumption patterns show massive embrace of streaming in US

Millennials in America have massively embraced music streaming at the expense of AM/FM radio, ac

10 Things you need to know about Professor Waterson's secondary ticketing report

May 26 saw the long-awaited publication of Professor Michael Waterson’s review of the UK’s cont

1 in 6 people in the UK have attended a dance event since 2012

Around 16% of the British public having attended a dance music event in the last three years, according to

ERA to launch manifesto for music, video and games markets

The UK’s entertainment retailers and digital services will publish a manifesto outlining a five-point

Music Week Radar, 26th May 2016

JP Cooper – Tidal Wave. Filmed at Music Week Radar, Under the Bridge.

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