Norwegian government to present anti-piracy plan this month


The Norwegian government is to present its new anti-piracy plan this month, which is expected to include changes to copyright law that allow pirate sites to be blocked.

The fight against piracy in the territory began in 2009 after failed attempts by rightsholders to have the Pirate Bay website censored by ISPs.

IFPI and music rights outfit TONO together then called for legislative change to “close the hole” in the country’s Copyright Act.

In May 2011 the Ministry of Culture announced that it had put forward proposals for amendments to the Copyright Act. The proposals included making it easier for rightsholders to identify infringers from their IP addresses and amendments to the law that allow ISP-level blocking of sites deemed to be infringing copyright.

However, some net activists and technologists see the proposed measures as increasing Internet censorship and say the blockades will be easily circumvented.

Source: TorrentFreak


Tags: Piracy, the pirate bay, file-sharing, Norway

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