Music Week Presents: Tally Spear

Music Week Presents: Tally Spear

Offering a contemporary take on country-tinged American folk music, the young artist infuses her 60s leaning songwriting with driving drums, harmonised choruses and a sun-kissed demeanour, which soaked by the energised sound of a harmonica, unveils a poignant lyrical undertow conveying emotions far from simple.

Drawing inspiration from a range of classic talent, the influence of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Nick Drake can be heard through the song’s organic folk-flecked sound. Based around her struggle to find a secure direction, Tally Spear lays her raw feelings down in a way that young writers are not usually capable of. Her honest and confessional lyrics offer the path of her artistry, and making her influences clear she explains “Through Dylan I have learnt that as long as you have a few simple chords and a story to tell, you can create something very special.”

‘Wrong Side Of The Road’ sees the 21 year old songwriter honing her musical skills and blossoming as a vivid storyteller. She  may just be getting started, but with a live session recently filmed withSofar Sounds and with live credentials that already include performances at Liverpool Sound City and Ronnie Scott’s, the new single looks to firmly catapult her into people's consciousness.

Artist:  Tally Spear

Genre: Country-tinged American folk music

Single: ‘Wrong Side Of The Road’

Release date: 5th May


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Label: TallySpear Music

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