Songkick hits 10 million users and $100 million in revenue

Coral Williamson
Songkick hits 10 million users and $100 million in revenue

Concert-tracking website Songkick has reached 10 million monthly users, and has generated $100 million in revenue through ticketing partnerships since launch. The site also claims to be on track to reach that amount in 2014 alone.

London-based Songkick has partnered with SoundCloud, Deezer, YouTube, Bandcamp and Spotify, after launching in 2007. By 10 million monthly users, Songkick means it has 10 million unique fans using the service every month, counting both registered and guest visitors.

Over half of these users are from the Songkick Concerts app, which launched on iPhone in 2011 and Android a year later. The site is now aiming for 15 million users by the end of the year.

Ian Hogarth, co-founder and chief executive of Songkick, told the Guardian: “If we can help someone who’s listening to music on YouTube or Spotify also discover a gig that they want to go buy tickets for, it provides another way for those platforms to support artists and help them make more money. 

“Before streaming services it wasn’t really possible to be listening to some music and within a couple of clicks find and buy some gig tickets. It provides an adjacent revenue stream to the royalty payments that have been much discussed recently,” he said.


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