In Pod We Trust: The Allison Hagendorf Show

In Pod We Trust: The Allison Hagendorf Show

Every issue, Music Week takes you inside the best music podcasts. This month, host Allison Hagendorf tells us all about her show, the podcast that celebrates rock and alternative music, featuring exclusive interviews and new music…

What was the initial inspiration behind launching your own podcast, having previously hosted Spotify’s Rock This series?

“I’ve been interviewing artists for over 20 years, so hosting my own music interview show is something I’ve always wanted to do. I loved doing my audio show at Spotify, but the fans would always ask where they could watch the interview and I knew my next chapter had to include a video component. The Allison Hagendorf Show is a celebration of the universal love of music and the rock’n’roll spirit, so it’s less about genre and more about connection. It’s not limited to musicians – guests have been actors, fitness icons, and so on. At the end of the day, we’re all just music fans sharing what unites us.”

You’ve said your mission is to offer “a bridge between artists and fans”. How does your show do that in a unique way?

“Although fans now have more access to artists, they often still yearn for authority and the musical compass to help navigate discovery. I love helping to celebrate artists, their music and the stories behind it, connecting them with fans on a deeper level.”

Can you talk about some of the music guests you’ve had on so far and your favourite moments?

“Every guest is someone I truly admire and respect, and to hear their stories of hardship and vulnerability is incredibly moving. Whether it’s Gavin Rossdale being told he didn’t have the right voice, Tom Morello’s first band being dropped by their record label, Joan Jett being told to lose the guitar, Sheryl Crow being accused of not writing her own songs, or Willow sharing that she constantly puts pressure on herself to be ‘good enough’ – each one of these confessions humanises these icons, making them all so relatable.”

You recently curated a special line-up for Women’s History Month. What was the most rewarding part of pulling that together?   

“It was an honour to have Joan Jett, Sheryl Crow, Willow, Jillian Michaels and Nandi Bushell as guests on my show. As a woman in music, specifically in the rock and alternative space, I feel it’s my duty to make sure the past, present and future are celebrated. From Joan Jett being rejected by over 30 labels and having to create her own just to get her music heard, all the way to 12-year-old Nandi Bushell, who played The O2 with Lenny Kravitz as her first concert, it was emotional hearing experiences from both ends of the spectrum and to know that although progress is being made, we still have a long way to go. With Nandi, I shared how I wanted to play the drums when I was eight and was told by my music teacher that drums are for boys. That discouraging moment put me on a certain path and I wonder what could have been possible had I been able to see just one video of Nandi Bushell. She is a symbol of hope and empowerment for all of us.”

Finally, who is on your bucket list for the show?

“My personal queen is Stevie Nicks. She is the epitome of ferocity as a songwriting, singing and performing force, as well as a fashion icon. I really just want to hang out with her and be in her presence. I would want to know if she has any regrets or would do anything differently, but really, I just want to ask her if she’ll be my friend.” 

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