Rising Star: Meet Ministry Of Sound's Louise Higgins

Rising Star: Meet Ministry Of Sound's Louise Higgins

This month in Rising Star, we talk social media, routes into the music business and more with Ministry Of Sound digital marketing manager Louise Higgins... 

How did you land your role at Ministry Of Sound and what do you like most about it?
“Before I landed my role at Ministry, I was given an opportunity at Jump Off TV, working at their live events, which featured dance, producer and rap battles. The team also commissioned a BBC iPlayer show, Charlie Sloth’s Rap Up, an interview and performance-based show featuring the best UK and US rappers, and I helped to co-edit a few episodes. This was my first introduction to the music/entertainment industry before moving on to Link Up TV, then being invited to an interview for Ministry. My first interview was with Negla Abdela (GM) and Amy Wheatley (MD) and in my second interview, Dipesh Parmar (president) joined. After my first interview I was confident but after my second, I thought I had missed my opportunity. To my surprise I got the job and when I asked Negla why, her response was: ‘You remind me of me and how I was when I started, I just needed a chance.’ The thing I like the most working at Ministry is the diversity of the roster and finding new challenges with each project I work on, from developing a rap artist such as Tia Carys, to a more international pop artist like Regard.”

What did you learn working at Link Up TV? 
“I learned how to hustle and that creativeness is usually found outside of a Monday-to-Friday, 9-5 job. Working in a Black-owned company, surrounded by young people doing what they love, was very motivating. My role was social media manager, handling Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. My biggest claim to fame was getting a DM from Drake to set up his infamous Behind Barz. It was an exciting two years and set me up nicely for my first step in a label role. Hopefully I’ll get to meet Drake next time!”

Our team is very collaborative and forward thinking

Louise Higgins

Does Ministry do digital and social media differently to its rivals? If so, how?
“Our digital team is very collaborative and forward thinking, especially when it comes to staying on top of new and emerging tech and trends. The success of Regard’s Ride It and Saint Jhn’s Roses elevated the expectation of digital marketing and we are committed to going above and beyond to deliver the same level with each campaign. In terms of social media, we are very hands-on and speak directly to our artists, helping them understand the importance of a strong online presence.”  
Is there anything you’d change about the industry to make it more accessible for young people? 
“I think representation is very important for young people who aspire to work in the industry. I have been blessed with having mentors like Negla Abdela and Zeon Richards, two Black senior figures. Unfortunately, many young people can sometimes assume they need to adapt to get ahead in the industry instead of being their true authentic selves.” 
What’s your dream job?
“I love to travel so I aspire to one day be in a position where I can move around and be able to work with international artists in their territories, especially in the US.”

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