Music industry leaders reveal hopes for the biz in 2019 (Part 1)

Music industry leaders reveal hopes for the biz in 2019 (Part 1)

The year has started with news of continued growth in recorded music and a record year for The O2 - but also the potential loss of HMV. Now, Music Week’s poll of industry figures provides a snapshot of positive expectations for the next 12 months. 

So far we’ve quizzed execs on the best and worst of 2018 – see part 1, part 2 and part 3. Read on for fresh insights as they reveal their biggest hopes for the industry in 2019…

“I just hope we continue to see and hear the level of talent we had in 2018, and that as a network 1Xtra continues to lead in supporting that talent and breaking new artists. Growth and progress is all I really ask for.”
DJ Target, DJ and joint music lead, BBC 1Xtra

"According to the UK’s first live music census, a third of Britain’s small venues outside of London are struggling to survive due to issues including high business rates, property development and noise restrictions. My hope is that the Music Venue Trust establishes their Pipeline Investment Fund to help support grassroots music venues by (amongst other things) investing in their physical infrastructure, sound and lighting, acquiring the freehold for grassroots music venues so that they can be placed into protected ownership and providing support for centralised legal, licensing and planning advice related to music venues. Small music venues are how a lot of us got drawn into the music industry and we need to do all we can to help support and protect them, otherwise the future of the whole industry is in danger."
Emma Bownes, VP of programming, AEG Europe

"Continued growth in the live industry."
Toby Leighton-Pope, co-CEO, AEG Presents

“For more British artists to become global superstars.”
Jo Charrington, co-president, Capitol Records UK

I just hope we continue to see and hear the level of talent we had in 2018

DJ Target

“That we all start to really celebrate each others’ success as well as our own. We’re all part of one big fabulous ecosystem.”
Jane Dyball, outgoing CEO, MPA Group

"That we are all surprised by Brexit and remain largely unharmed. Waiting for it is like sitting in a dentist’s waiting room. You know the next bit is going to hurt but you have no clue how bad."
Greg Lowe, agent, UTA

“That media, companies, conferences, events and awards ceremonies recognise the incredible women working in our industry. The old boys club is gone, fellas. Women are smashing it all over the music industry. Enough of the all-white male awards, festivals, boards and panels. Those days are over. “
Sammy Andrews, CEO, Deviate Digital

“This year has been a great year for growth in the music industry and my hopes for 2019 are for this to continue, driven by the adoption of music streaming by more mainstream consumers.”
Paul Firth, director Amazon Music UK

“That the industry focuses on the power of music to change things for the better. That we, as those who represent artists, helps them to use their voice to create and develop culture and ultimately, make people’s lives better.”
Katie White, GM, Atlantic

“We get though Brexit in one piece, we can still tour efficiently and get our records made. Article 13 gets through and there are four days of sunshine at Glastonbury.”
Hugo Turquet, SVP publishing A&R, BMG

Let’s hope the DSPs increase their understanding and appreciation of the independents

Emmanuel de Buretel

“That we see more British breakthrough artists in 2019.”
Andy Varley, president, Insanity

“More balance in the online world with new European copyright legislation which should be finalised and adopted by the spring, a new EU budget dedicated to the music sector (like the programme the film sector has had in place for decades).”
Helen Smith, executive chair, IMPALA

“I love that I work with lots of inspiring women at Columbia and I feel like we really support each other, I also see brilliant women doing great things across the industry. But there’s still a lot of work to do and I’d like to see more women continuing to take senior positions industry-wide, paving the way for the next generation.”
Steph Wilkinson, senior radio promotions manager, Columbia

“Streaming services to continue their increasing focus on songwriters.”
Mike Smith, MD, Warner/Chappell Music UK 

“Let’s hope the DSPs increase their understanding and appreciation of the independents.”
Emmanuel de Buretel, founder, Because Music Group

“In many ways, it is the same hope that I had in 2018 – that we ensure the internet is a fair marketplace for music and other creative works. I look forward to a final text of the EU Copyright Directive through the EU trilogue process and a successful vote early next year. The music industry has been at its best through this process: united and focussed on a single goal.”
Robert Ashcroft, CEO, PRS For Music

"2019 feels like a year for a lot of hope. Hope that Viagogo play ball with the CMA’s court order and that this is the beginning of the end for rip-off websites, hope that Google finally stop helping unscrupulous sites ripping off fans, hope that moves to combat industry inequality begin to really pay off, that the gender pay gaps reduce further and hope that less venues are forced to close now that agent of change is incorporated into new planning guidance."
Dan Ealam, director of live, DHP Family

“That’s an easy one; please, please, please can we stay in the EU?”
Horace Trubridge, general secretary, Musicians Union

“Seeing the EU Directive passed successfully and becoming law. Beyond the smokescreen erected by the Directive’s opponents lies a simple yet extremely important text that’s all about fairness; I do hope that all digital services will be finally subject to the same legal rules, so that the market is fair to everyone and in particular to those who create content.”
Gadi Oron, director-general, CISAC

"Viagogo to deliver on their 'agreement' with the Competition And Markets Authority."
Richard Davies, founder, Twickets

“Artists, writers, labels, publishers, promoters, agents, managers, retailers, digital services, trade bodies - recognise where our interests are best served aligned together, discuss where our interests diverge and co-operate to the max.”
Peter Stack, EVP global catalogue recordings, BMG

Diversity and equal pay in the workplace

Mark Dowling

“That young artists will be given the support to develop careers and not purely be at the mercy of stats and algorithms.”
Jon Barlow, founder, 3 Beat

“More diversity and equal pay in the workplace.”
Mark Dowling, director, Absolute Label Services

“An equitable split between labels and publishers on DSPs.”
Sarah Liversedge Platz, director creative A&R, Bucks Music Group/MD, BDI Music

“That we continue to see strong growth across the independent festival sector and wider events industry. There are opportunities for independent entrepreneurs to innovate and lead the way as ever, so I’m hopeful that we’ll see new formats and new events springing up next year and beyond. The industry moves and changes at a rapid pace, and feels like it is in a healthy place going into the year.”
Paul Reed, CEO, AIF

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