Backbeat Solutions launches global rights and royalty exchange for production music

Backbeat Solutions launches global rights and royalty exchange for production music

Music royalty software provider Backbeat Solutions has launched a global rights and royalty exchange for production music that will streamline global copyright registration.

The Backbeat platform covers all aspects of rights and royalty management, with the company’s cloud-based software designed for the modern music ecosystem.

While Backbeat caters for both music publishers and record labels, around half of its client base operates in the fast-growing production music sector.

The new system, titled G-RREX, will see metadata uploaded to the Backbeat database automatically pushed to sub-publishers around the world and then further to local societies in each territory.

The Backbeat client ecosystem that will be part of G-RREX at launch include independent production music publishers such as Belgium’s Stock Music International and the UK’s Motus Music.

Motus Music CEO Ray Pagden said: “When launching Motus Music, rapid growth was paramount. Essential to this was the need for administrative systems that were both efficient and dependable. Backbeat has been pivotal in this journey, enabling us to streamline administrative tasks and focus on our core licensing endeavours. Thanks to Backbeat, Motus proudly provides one of the industry’s fastest pay-through rates to composers and publishers. 

“Furthermore, our ability to register entire catalogues within 24 hours is a testament to BackBeat’s excellence. The introduction of G-RREX’s catalogue sharing and automated CWR delivery not only accelerates this process but significantly reduces data errors. Truly, with BackBeat’s efficiency, the only speed bump in our path to even faster operations are the PROs themselves!”

This kind of joined-up workflow will greatly improve how publishers, and ultimately writers, are served

Chris Chambers

Backbeat Solutions CEO Chris Chambers said: “G-RREX is a pioneering system that will enable production music publishers to not only share and register their metadata in a more timely fashion, but also receive the ensuing royalties faster and more efficiently in return, across the same ecosystem. This kind of joined-up workflow will greatly improve how publishers, and ultimately writers, are served. We’re really proud to offer Backbeat users such a groundbreaking solution.”

Backbeat has also announced a new service aimed at supporting start-up production music businesses and composer entrepreneurs with affordable royalty processing. In this case, a production music start-up is defined as an entity with fewer than 600 tracks for processing.

The service incorporates a complete 360 degree workflow – from metadata ingestion to PRO registration to income processing and royalty distribution.

Backbeat Solutions has been supporting music companies for over 10 years as a commercial platform but draws upon nearly 40 years of experience supporting and creating in-house systems at major labels and music publishers. Clients include start-ups, majors music groups and independents across every sector including music publishing, records, distribution and production music.

Chris Chambers said of the Backbeat Accelerator service: “With the production music sector becoming increasingly competitive, effective registration and royalty processing can prove to be a costly barrier to entry for new start-ups and individual composers. The Backbeat Accelerator service gives new companies and enterprising creatives the confidence of a professional set-up from day one, in a way that doesn’t hinder growth but instead helps them reach scale.”


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