'She's a fantastic kisser': Superstar tributes to Music Week Awards Strat winner Barbara Charone

'She's a fantastic kisser': Superstar tributes to Music Week Awards Strat winner Barbara Charone

PR legend Barbara Charone was presented with the The Strat at the Music Week Awards 2022 - our special award for an industry icon. 

The ceremony - our biggest ever edition - took place at Battersea Evolution on May 26.

Read on for touching - and hilarious - video tributes from James Blunt, Madonna, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, Dido, Elvis Costello, Sharleen Spiteri and more…


“Hey, my name is James Blunt. I started dating BC in September 2004. And it was amazing. She's a fantastic kisser. But it wasn't easy. You know even in our most intimate moments, I knew that her heart wasn't mine, because she would just always talk about Madonna. And then one day I went through her phone and I saw that she was writing these really inappropriate messages to Rufus Wainwright. And so I called it off. But you know, here we are a couple of years later, and I've realised I couldn't live without her. And we're back together. I suppose at the same time, I've just learned that she has to be free and so I know she sees other people. But it's worth it. She's amazing.”


“Barbara Charone, I just want to say that just getting through this life deserves an award. So in addition to doing that, you've also been an amazing, fundamental component to my life as an entertainer. You've always been there for me in a pinch, on the go, at the last minute, saving me. Words cannot express how grateful I am for all that you've done for me, and all that you've done for so many people in the music business, my God. So I want to congratulate you on your lifetime achievement award [blows kiss].”


“I think [The Strat] has finally reached its true peak in being given both to an American and somebody of unimpeachable excellence in Barbara Charone. Many, many congratulations, Barbara, on this noble object.”


“I just wanted to send you huge congratulations on this amazing award. You deserve it. And you've been nothing but amazing to me over the last four or five years. I only wish that I’d met you sooner. You are an absolutely amazing person. You've been nothing but incredible to all the artists and people that you've worked with over the years. You deserve this award and I can't wait to go and watch football with you soon at Chelsea… Even though I don't like them, I enjoy every moment of going and watching a game with you.” 


“Congratulations on your lifetime achievement award, it's truly well deserved. You're brilliant. You've been so kind and you kept it so fun for all of us over the years. So, thank you, well done. Have a brilliant night, take care.”


“BC, you are the best. You really are. I mean, I would not have the career that I have in this country if it wasn't for you. The way that you've masterminded every bit of my career, which has been so dependent on the kind of press and all the things that you've done, you’re just the fucking best. I’m sorry to swear but I'm sure it's a BC thing, I’m sure a lot of F-bombs have been dropped already. BC, I love you, congratulations - you so deserve this.”

You've always been there for me in a pinch, on the go, at the last minute, saving me



“Lifetime achievement award? Hell, yeah, so you should be getting one. Sorry I can’t be with you, sending you lots of love. This is so deserved. Have a great day.” 


“Dear BC,what a lifetime, what an achievement. But can I take full credit for being the person, while I was at Smash Hits, that transformed and rebranded plain old Barbara Charone from Chicago, Illinois into ‘BC’. Now getting a lifetime Achievement Award - much deserved, congratulations.” 


“This is so awesome. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. Thank you for letting Metallica be a part of your roster and your family for the last few years. We may not have been on board for quite as long as some of the other artists that you represent, but we feel the love and I hope you feel the love. And I certainly feel like I've known you for my entire life. So, much love from me. Much love from Metallica, much love from the entire organisation. Congratulations on the Strat.”


“Hey BC, congratulations on your award. You spent a whole career working with rock and roll stars, but BC you're the original rock and roll legend. Have the most amazing night, you thoroughly deserve it.”


HM: “We love her very much.”
RG: “For 22 years, we’ve loved her.”
HM: “She’s a fucking legend actually. Sorry we can’t be with you BC, but many, many congratulations. You thoroughly deserve this award.” 


“I'm so excited  you're honouring one of my greatest friends, Miss Barbara Charone at Music Week. She certainly deserves it for her lifetime of fantastic service to so many wonderful musicians over the years. And just being a great friend to so many people. So this is one you definitely deserve, Barbara. I miss you, I wish I could be there. Sending love and peace.”


“Congratulations, and how appropriate that you should be getting this award this year. I love you lots. Thanks for all your help for me in my jagged career.” 


“BC! The only PR that predates Christ. Brilliantly creative. Boundless confidence. Beautiful conversation. Barbara Charone - big congrats.”


"Move over Madonna, there's only one real Queen Of Pop - Barbara Charone... Music Week, what took you so long?"


“Congratulations on tonight's huge award, surely soon to be followed by a Booker Prize for your memoir. And then maybe the striker’s role at the Bridge next season. I think you can do it all. Big Love to you Barbara, my captain, my leader. Our legend. Have a brilliant night.”


“Huge congratulations on your award tonight. So well deserved. Thank you for everything you've done for me over the years. I had the best time ever working with you at MBC. We made so many amazing memories and drank lots and lots of rosé in the River Cafe. Hope you have a great night and can't wait to celebrate with you soon.”


“Many congratulations on winning the Strat Award. You're a brilliant PR and a brilliant friend. Lots of love.”

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