Staccs Originals head Kristofer Akesson on the platform's ambitions to be the 'MTV of the 2020s'

Staccs Originals head Kristofer Akesson on the platform's ambitions to be the 'MTV of the 2020s'

At the end of last year, concert video and music documentary platform Staccs announced the launch of a production suite creating exclusive and original content. 

A series of key hires included Kristofer Akesson as head of Staccs Originals

Staccs recently launched in the Nordics and Baltic States. It is offering a new revenue stream for the music industry and artists based on the user-centric model.

Here, Kristofer Akesson reveals the ambitions for the premium streaming service…

How important is the launch of Staccs Originals to the development of the platform? 

“The launch of Staccs Originals is a crucial element to the long-term strategy of growing Staccs. Not only does it offer subscribers original and exclusive content, but it helps to drive the onboarding of new users. As a platform, we exist for the music fan and therefore by providing content which cannot be enjoyed anywhere else. Staccs will truly become the home for unrivalled music content.

“However, as well as catering for existing subscribers and new users, Staccs Originals also serves a wider purpose. It acts as a vehicle for the industry and artists to utilise in a commercial way, broaden exposure for artists and also strengthen the connection with fans. Fans will always crave special content from their favourite artists.”

What are the opportunities here for exclusive on-demand and livestream concert experiences and documentaries?

“By enriching the content we stream that cannot be seen anywhere else, we are not only adding value to what our subscribers can engage with but it also encourages new user uptake. It’s something we’re seeing more and more of from the VOD market, whereby a focus on original content is key strategically for other platforms. Also, with viewing habits changing due to the pandemic, demand for easy-to-access, digital content continues to grow. 

“Secondly, from a b2b perspective, classic video content can be marketed in a way that hasn’t been done before. Fifteen years ago, live music DVDs accounted for 8% of the entire music industry's total physical sales - this is something that no longer exists as a result of digitalisation, however there is still an appetite for this. Therefore there is an opportunity for on-demand, exclusive concert and documentary material to capitalise here.”

Are there any projects or content strands you can discuss? Are there particular areas you want to focus on for an international audience?

“To begin with, the Nordic market and artists from this region will be a focus area for Staccs Originals. In the New Year we will be kicking off with original content from recording new shows that will be packaged in a way that includes bonus material, such as behind-the-scenes content, rehearsals and interviews. To support this, the plan is also to produce stripped-down live sessions which will be exclusive to us.

“In addition to this we will be exploring a number of new formats of programming that focus on different genres. We will be looking to package content in new ways such as combining live music with interviews, and much more - so that it offers the fan something fresh to enjoy. Beyond this we are planning formats and programming around international acts which is part of our upcoming expansion for Staccs Originals.”

How is the recent round of recruitment accelerating growth - what does it bring to Staccs?

“This is a game-changing moment for Staccs. The new recruitment drive offers added value to us in terms of unrivalled industry experience which allows us to take the next step forward as a company. It enables us to progress as we have the right personnel in place. In the short time we have made the appointments, we have noticed a significant change in how the industry is recognising Staccs and the offering we have which is a unique proposition. We are noticing more traction with labels, management, artists, agencies and promoters who want to be part of the Staccs journey.”

The ambition is to become the global home for concerts on demand, as we build the MTV of the 2020s

Kristofer Akesson

What does Staccs offer that’s different to other platforms? 

“First of all we offer a dedicated, premium platform for music video content - all streamed in high-quality which is advert-free. Music fans can relive those magical moments from concerts or enjoy a great selection of music documentaries, as we are truly becoming the global home for concerts on demand. 

“For industry, the Staccs platform offers a brand new revenue stream that can be integrated as part of an artist’s campaign promotion cycle or just utilised to commercialise legacy content. Thanks to our user-centric model, all revenue directed to the rights-holders and artists is based on exactly which content each individual user is streaming, instead of the often used black box model where revenue is based on a percentage of the total number of streams on the platform. This is a much fairer revenue model for the artist and incentivises them to promote their content on the platform as it equates to a bigger share of the revenue stream. 

“Also, the platform offers another way for the industry to build a stronger relationship with the fans for their artists. For example, fans can be assured that their subscription fee is directly supporting their favourite artist due to the revenue model and also it provides more opportunities for them to enjoy their content, building on the fandom that already exists. A key and unique feature to the platform is the Setlist function. This allows fans to build a list of favourite songs from the videos watched, creating the perfect curated setlist that can be enjoyed over and over again. Personalisation is something that has been taken into consideration with the design of Staccs.”

What are the UK plans - how important is the market for the development of Staccs?

“The UK is a very important next step for us. We are already in dialogue with a number of different potential partners in this market and plans for expansion here are already set in motion. It’s a territory important for many, obvious reasons. Details of a rollout here will be revealed later. The ambition remains the same - to become the global home for concerts on demand, as we build the MTV of the 2020s.”

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